Dating Fails


She Was Looking For Something a Little More In Tents

funny dating image backpacking sex breakup note
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Some People Really Understand Breakups

neighbors note funny breakups - 8152250368
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Where's Your Permission Slip, Mr?

wife note painting funny dating - 8299914496
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Shawn Had Forgotten They Were "Dating"

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This Fifth-Grader's Rules For Her Crush Might Be the Perfect Thing For Anyone Dealing With an Elementary-Level Crush

funny dating tweet fifth grader's rules for her crush are 100 accurate for all of us with unwanted crushes
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A Squeaky Bed Frame Does Not Lie

ouch note funny - 7686829312
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She'll Never Think to Look

If she's cheating, always leave a note
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This is What it Looks Like When Roommates Interrupt Your Cuteness

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Give Us a Little Entertainment, Please!

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Too Bad She Was a Gymnast

note backflip funny g rated dating - 8070604544
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What a Sweet Heart

leave me alone, I love you
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We're Paying for a Show Here, People!

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A Young Man Comes Out on Facebook and His Mom Has the Best Reaction

lgbtq sign note parenting funny g rated dating - 7788179456
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Screw Subtlety

cars dating note - 8172051968
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Curse Those Dingleberries!

note girlfriend bathroom clingy - 7950464512
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struggle note passive aggressive funny college dating - 1104389

Girl Leaves Passive Aggressive Note for Her Neighbors to Stop Having Crazy Loud Sex, and They Have the Best Response

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