Dating Fails


Sometimes You Just Want to Throw in the Towel

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Not Everyone is Cut Out for Online Dating

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Communication Is Key

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Nobody Gets What They Want

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Not You. Never You.

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Will You Be My Valentine?

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Assuming Makes An Ass Out Of U-M-E!

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The Phantom of the Nope-ra is Here

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Maybe Tonight, Honey?

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Damn You And Your Positive Self Image!

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nightmare tinder conversations that might scar you for life, or strangely arouse you. Could go either way folks

21 Tinder Nightmares That Left A Stain on Love

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We Don't Tolerate That Crap Around Here

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You'll Never Make Your Girlfriend Mad Again After Seeing This Picture

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It Might Not Win Your Boyfriend Over, But This Should Make Him Laugh

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Eff You, Google

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