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Joseph Gordon Levitt Always Seemed Like a Nice Guy

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Lrn 2 Date Noob

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"Nice" Guys Finish Last

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nice guy has a meltdown on facebook and doesn't seem to get it

Creep Has a Cringeworthy Meltdown and Wishes For the Death of All Women After He Gets Rejected

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Line to the Left Ladies

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Things Not to Put on Your Dating Profile

bitcoin trading isn't as sexy as you think.
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The Most Awkward Missed Connection

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I Don't see How There Could be a Correlation...

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Beggars Can't Be Choosers, Right?

dating twitter funny Beggars Can't Be Choosers, Right?
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Are You Too Nice for Online Dating?

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Definitely Single

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creepy guy texting

Woman's Texts With Manipulative Psycho Escalate Sickeningly Quickly

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Nice Monkeys Got it Rough

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Every Girl's Dream

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I Bet the Ladies Are Just Knocking at His Door

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