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When You've Got No Chill and You Know What You Want...

When You've Got No Chill and You Know What You Want...
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They're Not Like In TV Shows At All!

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The New Use for Netflix

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It's All Smoke and Monitors

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The Sexy Seduction of Netflix

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End the Netflix Passive-Aggression Power Struggles, Use Netflix Settle

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Floor-gy In D Dorm

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Your One True Love

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Too Mean, Netflix. TOO MEAN.

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Dating in the Modern Age

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It Could Be Worse

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So You Don't Need a Sexy Girlfriend?

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Netflix & Chill is so Real There's Data on It

dating infographic netflix and chill is real and here's the data to prove it
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That's Definitely Love

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Dating in 2015

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Every Single Time

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