Dating Fails


We Must Go to the Fires of Mt. Pre-Nup

Lord of the Rings nerdgasm divorce comic funny g rated dating - 7753973760
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Not Now, We're About to Hit Platinum!

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Created by anselmbe

Don't Test the Knowledge of Lord of the Rings Fans

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We Send Our Regards

Game of Thrones nerdgasm tweet weddings funny dating - 7548572672
Created by Unknown

This is How You Do Romance in the North

quotes Game of Thrones nerdgasm funny dating - 7725988608
Created by Ascar

The Fandoms Were Aligned on That Day

star wars nerdgasm Star Trek funny dating g rated - 7907317504
Created by Unknown

I'll Break That Limit, WINK WINK

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Created by ArtemisStrife

All That's Different is the Spandex

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love song Music nerdgasm funny Video g rated dating - 52302593

The Nerdy Love Song, for That Special Someone in Your Less than Three

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If the Police Box is Wibbly-Wobbling, Don't Come a-Knocking

tardis nerdgasm doctor who funny dating fails g rated - 7546300416
Created by Unknown

Spoc-Kelis Lays Down the Truth

Music Spock nerdgasm milkshake g rated win - 7753954304
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friend zoned lego Lord of the Rings nerdgasm funny - 56337153

The Story of How LEGOlas Got Friend-Zoned

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Captain Kirk Really Needs to Wrap it Up

nerdgasm comic Star Trek funny - 7733288960
Created by Unknown
nerdgasm batman Video - 54119681

"The Dark Notebook Rises" Explores the One True Pairing We All Wanted to See

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The Man of Your Dreams is Just a Dimension Away

nerdgasm doctor who shirt funny g rated dating - 7731826944
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Either Way, No Romulans Please

nerdgasm shirt Star Trek funny g rated dating - 7858530304
Created by Unknown
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