Dating Fails


That Always is the Most Disturbing Part of the Interspecies Sexy Party

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She'll Get the Last Laugh at the Metal show

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Is That the Title of the CD?

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Breakup of the Day: Guy Uses Taylor Swift Cover to Dump Cheating Girlfriend

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You Too Can Play "Wonderwall" on Repeat

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Somethings Were Just Made to Find the Rhythm

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Oasis What You Did There

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Shaggy = Still Relevant

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Want to Write a Horizontal Mambo?

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She's Gonna Give You A Fat Lip, Dude

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Sorry, Too Busy Fornicating, Can't Finish the Song

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Brian McKnight Wants to Tell You Something About Women

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Hurry Up and Learn this Pokémon GO! Pop Song to Woo a Poké Trainer of Your Dreams!

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"Say Anything" Would Look a Little Different Today

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This Couple's First Dance Was An Epic 6-Minute Routine

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Whoa, I Bet She's Perfect

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