Dating Fails


If at First You Don't Succeed

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Via Must Love Traif

That Can Be the Only Answer

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Via lalalander1126

Seems Like He Should Have Learned His Lesson

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Created by Ashley Wilburn

Can I Take A Message?

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Created by Unknown

Well, That's an Awesome Response

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Created by hab0011

Seems Reasonable to Me

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Via I Threw My Pie for You

Facebook, Stop Facilitating These Awkward Conversations!

creeper Awkward message facebook funny - 7646443008
Created by Unknown

It's Good to Keep Track of Who You've Messaged Previously

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Via Amari San

I Feel It In My Bowels

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Via Nathan Bulmer

This Got Weird

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Via Czarina Alexandra

If They Don't Respond, Just Make Your Own Conversation

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Via Brown Cardigan

An Offer I Can Refuse...

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Created by Aunt Natalie

He Seems Super Smart

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Via Gems of OKC

What an Interesting Name

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Via Scaring Men

I Love You Too, Me!

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Created by Unknown

A Little Whoopsy

men are the head of the house hold
Via Rosieeex
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