Dating Fails


That's What Serious Relationship Means?

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By jenny01

Some Wounds Run Deep

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Via Vausexual

Yeah, No Pressure at All

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Via Everything Zen I Don't Think So

Wow, What a Deep Thinker

Screen capture of a dating fail exchange about how cold air doesn't make him shrink up.
Via Brown Cardigan

What Does That Even Mean?

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Definitely Good Father Material

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Well... That Could Have Gone Better

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By Unknown

Such a Shame

Funny exchange on Omegle in which the stranger indeed has boobs, but he is still a guy.
By anselmbe

Hey, They're Still Good Memories

memory message online dating funny g rated dating - 8380054784
Via D-e-l-i-r-i-a-n-e-r-v-o-s-a

Seems Like He Should Have Learned His Lesson

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By Ashley Wilburn

If They Don't Respond, Just Make Your Own Conversation

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Via Brown Cardigan

Be a Jerk With Some Grammar Knowledge

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Via Not Okay Cupid

I Feel It In My Bowels

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Via Nathan Bulmer

A Little Whoopsy

men are the head of the house hold
Via Rosieeex

What an Interesting Name

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Via Scaring Men
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