Dating Fails


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Men Discuss Lady Bits

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Really Sums Up Online Dating

men fat winter online dating funny women - 8380049920
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Stop With the Nagging!

men nagging funny dating - 8292640512
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Double Standards

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A Nice Car, it Matters

men cars sexy times funny dating - 8283942912
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It's All About Subtext

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Be a Man and Gird Your Loins

How To men funny dating - 8336937984
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That's My Ideal Woman as Well!

he's a real stickler when it comes to women.
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Are You a Cosmo Man?

wtf men cosmopolitan funny dating - 8286446336
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How Do You Deal With Breakups?

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The Awful Awful Truth

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How To Make Women Go Blind

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Wouldn't Want Things to Get Too Sexual

men - 6760232192
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All Apart of the Bathroom Wars

men bathroom funny women g rated dating - 8318790144
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I Know How Moe Feels

moe men rejected funny - 8296222720
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You've Got to Be Tricky

men drunk TV husband funny - 8288028928
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