Dating Fails


Then I've Got News for You...

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Libraries Are Strict

you can't do anything in a library nowadays
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Involuntary Celibacy

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Crust Spunk

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So That's What We've Been Missing Out On

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Love Where You Least Expect It

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Your Hand is The Best Companion

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Watch Amy Schumer and Gal Pals Go All in on Masturbation Jokes

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For All You Single Folks Out There

single, fortune cookie, relationships
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The "O" Face and the "Squiggly Line" Face

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Always Prepared For a Dry Rub

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Can't Wait Until They Add the Vanilla Frosting

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Who Needs Significant Others Anyway?

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The Answer Is "YOU CAN'T"

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Worst Timing in the World

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By ag2468

Double Standard

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