Dating Fails


One of the Hidden Perks of Being Married

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It Pays to Be Tricky

guy has secret divorce yard sale with out his wife's knowledge
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Going Gaga for Goebbels

abstinence Hall of Fame hitler marriage virgin waiting - 5351923200
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Only the Biggest and Best for the Bride

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Greg Probably Can't Even

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But I'll Miss The Chicken Cheerleaders!

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The Inner Monologue Says it All

marriage funny men vs women g rated dating - 7592433920
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Funny pictures and tweets that reflect the ridiculous tendencies between partners when they're married.

37 Funny Pics and Tweets That Perfectly Reflect What It's Like Being Married

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5 Mistakes to Avoid When You're Proposing

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cringe wedding proposals

These 13 Cringeworthy Wedding Proposals Will Make You Hurt Inside

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Bag 'Em and Tag 'Em

marriage engagement dating - 8803372544
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Perfectly Legal, Too

50s demotivational kidnapping marriage vintage We Are Dating wedding - 5156924160
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Long Enough to Be Annoyed But Not So Long You Thing He's Dead?

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Hooray Contraception!

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What a Sense of Humor You Have

husband infographic funny marriage wife dating - 8083847168
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Respect Your Partners Cooking

cooking funny marriage partner wife dating - 8385477376
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