Dating Fails


Barbie's Not Looking So Good

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A Warning About the Foundation Might Have Been nice

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AKA: "Things That Help Women Look Better"

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Good Work Ur Teh Best!

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Reality vs Reality vs Expectations

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What Women Go Through to "Look Their Best."

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dating troll

This Girl Sent Her Boyfriend out to Buy Makeup and Immediately Regretted It

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A Little Makeup Goes a Long Way

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Time for a New Tan

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Now It's True Love

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The Girls Who Think Like This Are Also in Need of Brains

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a funny list of what women said to people that told them they should wear more makeup

20 Women With Savage Comebacks to People Who Said They Needed Makeup

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Why So Heartbroken?

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Jenna Marbles Explains What a Woman's Makeup Means

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