Dating Fails


Things Were Going Great Until I Found Someone I Really Caredbv fsdkjailsdhhhbnaugv

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Apache Helicopter Trumps Love Every Time

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This Kitty Learned Some Serious Life Lessons

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These Candy Heart Comics Are A Depressingly Real Look At Dating & Relationships

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Relationship Level > 9000

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Such Love

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You Know You're in Love When

You Know You're in Love When
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Damn Megan, What'd You Do?!

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Love Is in the Air

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The Best Bouquet a Girl Could Get

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Bathrooms: The Last Refuge of True Love

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Bro Love Is the Best Love

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The Awful Awful Truth

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Nerd Love: It's a Beautiful Thing

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Be Still My Heart

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Your Friends Probably Think You're Unbearable

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