Dating Fails


I Get a Saxophoner Over the Weirdest Things

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By Unknown

I'm Actually OK With This

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By Unknown

Ffffffffffffriends Rage

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No, Fool, You're Supposed to "Munch" It

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Orientation: The Art of Orienting Your Palm Toward Your Face

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By Reij10

Baby Got Plump

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By xyzpdq1

That is SO Raven

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By Unknown

Do They Carry Knives?

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Via Goorilla In the Ring
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Grandma Just Doesn't Understand Lesbians

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I Get That Feeling Too, George

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Via BigCat777

I Might Ask the Reverse of the Gays

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You Tell 'Em Sarah!

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By Unknown

Sex Ed

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By Unknown

No Means No

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The Perils of Online Dating

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Ellen Feels Your Pain

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By Unknown
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