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There are lots of reasons to be attracted to somebody, but how about smell? New Yorker Judith Prays has invented the Pheromone Party, where partygoers are able to use their smelly shirts to get someone's attention.

At the first one in 2010, forty people were invited, and were all told to wear the same shirt to bed for three nights, without any perfume or deodorant. Everyone brought the shirts with them to the party, which were then put in plastic bags and color- and number-coded. Guests sniffed the various shirts, and if they found one they liked, their picture with the shirt would be projected and that shirt's person would have a green-light to initiate conversation.

The initial party was apparently a huge success, with 12 of the 40 people "hooking up," and half of those beginning long-term relationships. So the next time you're trying to pick someone up at the club, just bring an old dirty shirt and throw it at whoever you think is cute. Same thing, right?

(pics via the 2010 website of The Pheromone Party)