Dating Fails


It Wasn't Pretty

kissing first kiss fish dating fails g rated - 7111147520
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The Mayor of the Friendzone

Sad wtf friendzone kissing funny - 8188038656
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Doesn't Matter, Still a Kiss on the Lips

socially awkward awesome penguin relationships Memes kissing - 7952360960
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What a... Romantic... Statement...

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The Magic of Kissing

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Sometimes You Just Don't Want that Kiss

Han Solo funny kissing g rated dating - 8357183232
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Nope, Still Sexier

do not want wtf gross kissing funny - 8290748160
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Just Not That Into You, Bro

ouch bad idea kissing funny - 8194425088
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An Excellent Way to Get Kisses

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Michael Sam and His Boyfriend Share Some Cake and a Kiss

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So That's How You Do It...

wtf tongue kissing funny g rated dating - 8105213184
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His Life Was Never the Same

kissing desperate funny - 8176109824
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Babies Hate Love

Babies couple funny kissing love g rated - 8305825792
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How to Get a Girl to Kiss You

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A Summer Camp to Remember

kissing wtf summer camp - 8327178752
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He Doesn't Want to Kiss You Good

he kisses so bad
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