Dating Fails

Kiss Cam

He Only Likes to Makeout While Rubbing Another Guy's Head

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Nope, Not Cheating...

they're spies, not cheaters
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She Doesn't Love Me Like You Do, Beer

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Classic: You Understand Me, Beer

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I Think They're Going to Make It

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True Love!

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Haaave Ya Met Ted?

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Wayne Gretzky Gets Denied a Kiss During Failed Kiss Cam Moment

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Maybe She's Not That Into You

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Hockey Will Never Leave You

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Love Makes You Throw Caution (and Beer) to the Wind!

dating kiss cam gifs Love Makes You Throw Caution (and Beer) to the Wind!
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Kiss Cams Just Cause Drama

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Is There Anything More Awkward Than Watching People Get Pressured by a Kiss Cam?

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Kiss Cams Are Getting Out of Hand

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