Dating Fails


Yes, a "Dinosaur" Disease

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Damn, That's Swag

Some kids have too much swag
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Maury's Got the Sweater That All the Guys Want

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Using a Calculator to Get Sex

high schoolers are super smooth sex persons
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That's Better Than Any of My Pickup Lines...

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Dating in Grade School Is Complicated

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Middle School Love Notes Are the Cutest

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A Suggestion

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30 Rules for Future Boyfriends From a 9 & 6 Year Old

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FAIL kids poop parenting Video wedding - 76964865

Sometimes Kids Can Be a Real Wedding-Party-Pooper

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Girls Can Be Icky

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Funny memes about parenting, having kids | my kid threatens not talk rest day Jon Hamm laughing | my kid trips over toy asked him pick up 100 times Justin Timberlake giggling

Parenting Memes For Anyone Who's Considered Putting Their Kids Up For Adoption

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Dating Advice From Second Graders

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Damn! Drew Has it Going On!!!

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Excuse Me While I Purge This From My Memory Forever

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