dating valentines day If You Really Want to Impress Someone, Give Them Doritos Roses and a Candlelit KFC Dinner
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Can you think of a more perfect gift for Valentine's Day than a bouquet of roses? Doritos did. 

Not everyone can just go out and buy a bouquet of roses made out of flavored corn chips so they also included a way to make one yourself. It seems like it involves a lot of glue... 

via Doritos

Then, when you've charmed them with your perfect gift, it is customary to bring your Valentine to a fancy dinner.  If you really want to outdo yourself this year, one KFC is doing a trial run of fancy table service for Valentines Day. According to Metro News, the Fishergate branch of KFC is the site where two lovebirds met and continue to have date night every week so far in their 50 year marriage. Pretty romantic. The date will include linen napkins and a soft drink sommelier to suggest the perfect soda pairing. 

via Metro News