Dating Fails


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Sweet Poetry

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There's Always That One Joker

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Japanese Woman Dumps All Her Cheating Boyfriend's Apple Gear in the Tub

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Universally Cute...

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Horrible Man Uses Tinder and Game of Thrones Spoilers to Hit on Women

Game of Thrones tinder jerk online dating dating - 8225438720
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He Knows What the Ladies Want to Hear

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Damn Will, You Cold...

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James Bond...He's Sort of an Ass

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This Is How You Know Your Boyfriend Is a Jerk

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He's Probably a Huge Ass

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He Wasn't Looking at Your Face Apparently

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Beyonce Is a Traitor

beyonce isn't one of the single ladies
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Jackass Boyfriend Doesn't Know What You're So Upset About

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Well, That's Not What I Expected

cards jerk mean pregnant wtf - 8323276544
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She Sure's Got a Sweet Boyfriend

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Jackass Steals a Jersey Girl's Car During an OK Cupid Date

one more reason not to use ok cupid
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