Dating Fails


Innuendo, if you know what I mean. Just make sure you get the gist of these before you enter, you might be in for a "surprise".

Mmm Show Me Your Hard Drive

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By asad.dexter (Via TIME)

The Pickup Line That Works 0% of the Time

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By Unknown

Is That What That Movie Was About?

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By Unknown

It's All About Your Apps, Though

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Via SomethingFoul

Time to Wax Your Balls

Ad FAIL innuendo sexy times dating - 8985297152
By Unknown

Ahhhhhh Wives and Their Meat, Amirtye?

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By Unknown


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By Unknown

Can I Get a Piece of Grandma's Pie?

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Via How To Be A Dad

Always Choose the Rollercoaster

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By Unknown

I Actually Needed Help!

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Via Loading Artist


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By Unknown

That Hurts, Kitty

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By Unknown

Finally, an Alternative to Abstinence-Only Education

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Via Criggo

Troll Clinton Wants to Tell His Joke Now

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By Unknown


Bathroom Graffiti innuendo puns funny - 7874576128
By Unknown
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The Ladies Can't Resist Moves Like This

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