Dating Fails


But It's Less Than Three Inches? Ouch.

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I Think Someone's Going to Come Between You

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By Unknown

Someone Didn't Want the Gift

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By Tracy M. Bunker

Be Still My Heart

Via TGAComics

The Forever Alone Photobooth

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By Unknown

Full Steam Ahead

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By anselmbe

Form Is Important For Valentine's Day, But Everybody Wants The Same Thing

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By Unknown

From My Bottom to Your Heart

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By heilkitty

That Makes Good Sense

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By Unknown

The Truest Display Of Love

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By Unknown

Seen in Shallow Shallow Waters

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By Alexwin

I'm Pretty Much Dead Inside

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By Unknown

More Harm Than Good

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Via Cool As Arson

Sage Advice From Mr. Jeremy

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Via Anthony K25

I Meat You So Much

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By Unknown

Ohhh, Ooo's a Good Widdle Boy? Ooo Is! Yes Ooo Is!

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