Dating Fails

Harry Potter

Everybody Has A Different Approach

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Those Young Harry Potter Fans Grew Up To Be Gross Adults

texting meme of harry potter pick up lines and it goes gross pretty fast but still funny
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At Least Someone Enjoyed It

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I Must Have Missed the Subtext When I Saw the Movies

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Voldemort Knows How to Get the Ladies

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Harry Go Away

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Dating Advice For Witches, By Witches

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Two Extreme Fans Had the Most Elaborate Harry Potter Themed Wedding of All Time

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Take Your Valentine's Day to the Next Level by Spending It in Hogwarts' Great Hall

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Harry Potter Pick-Up Lines Feel Strange

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Ralph Fiennes Reads Harry Potter Fanfic, Fangirls Everywhere Faint With Ecstasy

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Harry Potter Is Pretty Messed Up

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OK Maybe a Little

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Half-Giants Need Love too

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Are You SURE?

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