Dating Fails


I'd Do Anything For Love, And Even Probably That

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Sounds Like a Crappy Relationship

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Not Even Taylor Swift can Tolerate Cute Celeb Couples

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Woman Stabs Husband Over "Terrible Dump"

you make bad poop, you're gonna get stabbed
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If the Roles Were Reversed...

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Some Guys Just Don't Get the Hint

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This Couch Surfing Adventure Won't End Well, I Think

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Stories of what people overheard their neighbors doing.

21 Wild Things People Heard Through Their Paper-Thin Walls

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What Everyone Else Sees When You Make Out In Public

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Be Anything You Want to Be in the World, but Don't Be This Kind of Couple

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Real Messages Women Have Received in Online Dating

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Bring a Towel

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You Always Hurt the Noses of Those You Love

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People share their craziest one night stand stories. | Woman - Ended up at her apartment. Both bit drunk. So far, so good. Pretty much straight into bed fingering her and making out. Hear squelching sound. Then she starts squirting. Jackpot! Then she shits bed s like mud stinks. Call Happy days 084294

33 People Share Their Craziest NSFW One Night Stand Stories

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Nope, Still Sexier

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