Dating Fails


Too Bad You Can't Date Your Mother

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Your Worst Fears Are True

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The Reason to Turn Your Phone Off at the Bar

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Nothing Turns a Girl Off Faster Than Your Impressions

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One's a Time Bomb, the Other's Just Passing the Time

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Smiles Don't Count as "Explicit Physical Intimacy"

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The ? Factor

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I Might Need To Move to Another Country

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This Also Applies to "People Who Will Go With Me to Prom"

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She's Just Anticipating the Next Time You Do Genuinely Screw Up

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Sex: If You're Bad at It, It's Only for the Fittest

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I Don't Think You Needed A Graph For That

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In Some Ways, Guys Are Pretty Low-Maintenance

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Puppies Are Not the Chick Magnets We Expect Them to Be

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What Do You Think of These Dating Statistics?

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Calling It a "Life" Is a Stretch

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