Dating Fails


I Bet For Your First Time You Couldn't Believe It Either

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It Started out with a Kiss. How Did It End up Like This?

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Kids at That Age. So Awkward

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Ever Had A First Date Like This? I Have

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Now I'm Seriously Depressed

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Remember When You Saw Naughty Bits For The First Time?

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Remember, Kids: Always Brush Your Teeth!

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Batman Wants Your Kisses

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Watch The Hand There, Pal

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Love Makes You Throw Caution (and Beer) to the Wind!

dating kiss cam gifs Love Makes You Throw Caution (and Beer) to the Wind!
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But Those Are The Best Kind!

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Tie a String Around Your Finger

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When You Dance Like a Douchebag, You Get Tossed Like a Douchebag

script for bee movie

Guy Handwrites Entire Script to 'Bee Movie' For His Girlfriend, In Most Romantic Gesture of 2016

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Eye Sex0rz

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