Dating Fails


This Whole GIF Should be Censored for Lewd Content

gif shakeweight funny - 7740959488

That's the Sound of the Wind Rustling Your Feels

forever alone gif dating - 7565728768

The Mating Dance of the Dog

gif dogs sexy times funny - 7843335680

Everybody Steals a Look Sometimes

gif sports football funny - 7752468992

The First Smooch is the Hardest

gif smooching nice try funny - 7613928192

This Magic Moment...

gif sports funny g rated dating - 7856799232
Via Sofa Pizza

Whatcha Thinking About?

gif dude parts funny not what it looks like - 7728328704

Bus the Table, Please

gif sexy times funny ouch g rated dating - 7890617856

Just a Little Smooch?

gif kissing prank denied funny g rated dating - 7538398208

Toblerone, the Sexiest of all Candy Bars

gif flirting sexy times dating - 7994535168

This Kid Needs to Learn a Lesson in Handling His Jealousy

fighting gif ouch jealousy - 7970347264

Sneaky, Sneaky!

gif sneaky cheating funny - 7686824704

True Facts, Ladies

gif advice funny true facts - 7495505408

How a Real Boyfriend Holds the Door Open

boyfriend gif - 7946943488

Freak on the Dance Floor AND in the Bedroom

dancing gif comic - 7950747648
Via Death Bulge

Drop the D, Creep

gif sexy times funny - 7936894464
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