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Time For A Friendzone Acid Bath

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By Unknown
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Kids Give Advice on How to Escape the Friend Zone

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Forget About it, Bro

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By Unknown

Shrug Off That Friend-Zone, Manny

Modern Family friend zone dating - 7511204864
By Unknown

The Scent of the Nice Guy

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Via The Flicking Candles

Friend Fail

comic friend zone friends Hall of Fame Misogyny rage comic - 5476498944
By Eileen

You Poor, Poor Man

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By Unknown


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Via College Humor

I'll Wait For You To Lose Your Self-Esteem And Then LOVE ME

comic friend zone Hall of Fame love me self esteem waiting xkcd - 5747310592

Sweets for the Soul

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By MUSHROOMNICK (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

OMEGA Best Friends!

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By Unknown

There is No Manly Way to Hold a Purse

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Via Reddit

Sorry, The Broncos Are Playing Tonight

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By Unknown
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The Friend Zone Anthem

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Almost Doesn't Count

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By cutcutit
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Luigi's Trapped in the Friend Zone

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