Dating Fails

forever alone

Ca(n’)t Buy Me Love

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The Space Between My Mouth Is Where the Lens Fit Perfectly

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Looks Like it's Just You and Me, Pillow

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Mr. Whiskers Just Isn't There For Me Emotionally

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It Get Lonely At the End

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No Need To Rub It The Hell In

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May Your Commute be Lonely no Longer!

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Dating Dispatches: Croatia's Museum of Broken Relationships

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Forever Bob Ross

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The Forever Alone Spiral

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Who Needs Significant Others Anyway?

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Lifehacks for the Lonely

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These Creatures Are Told in Legend

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At Least The Internet Thinks I'm Pretty

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Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey.

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Kind of Defeats the Purpose of Forever Alone, But Alright Then

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