Dating Fails


Husbands Can Be Such Simple Beings

funny fail image husband goes grocery shopping
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10 Times Women Made the Act of Eating Food Amazing, and Sent Blood Rushing to Funny Places

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Choose Wisely!

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You Betrayed on Me With My BFF Pizza?!!

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I'm Kind of a Foodie

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OMG What a Romantic Dinner

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The Best Way to a Man's Heart

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These Sexy Dice Getting You in the Mood?

oh yeah, I love to eat with my clothes on
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Gloating Before Bloating

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On the Bright Side, Cheesy Bread!

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This Is What a Girl Really Wants

dating funny flowers This Is What a Girl Really Wants
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On the Bright Side, Pizza!

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The Only Dating Profile Photo You'll Need

The Only Dating Profile Photo You'll Need
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Break Through Jenga Move

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Goku Would Be Pissed

Dragon Ball Z relationships food funny g rated dating - 8086796800
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