Dating Fails


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1800-Flowers Didn't Deliver on Valentine's

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This Date Could Have Ended Better

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Remember: Apologies Can be Measured in Roses

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Probably Safer to By Condoms Instead of Flowers Then.

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She's at Stage 3

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Please, Think of the Flowers

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New Relationship Goals

rosanne was a great show.
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What a Romantic Gesture?

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Date Night

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This Flower Girl Does the Most Natural Thing About Wedding Ceremonies Being Too Damn Long

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I'm Guessing it Didn't Work Out

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This Is What a Girl Really Wants

dating funny flowers This Is What a Girl Really Wants
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Romance Works Best on the First of the Month

rent is where the heart is
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Just Don't Hurt Me Again!

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Not All Ladies Want the Bouquet

some women don't want to catch the brides bouquet
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How Badly Did This Guy Screw Up?

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