Dating Fails


"I Wear Your Girflriend's Clothes, I Look Incredible"

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What to Wear to Keep Those Creepers Off You

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Please Form an Orderly Line, Ladies

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If You're Wearing This Shirt, I'm Out

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This Enlightening Cartoon Shows Us Men's Fashion Decisions Aren't Decisions at All

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Cate Blanchett Calls out the Gaze of the Red Carpet Cameras

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How Not To Strike Up A Conversation

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Who Doesn't Want a Fine-Looking Dude?

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Is it That Season Already?

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Who Needs a Purse When You Have Infinite Pockets?

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Clothing Company Aerie is as Tired of Photoshopped Models as the Rest of Us and They Have a Plan to Stop it

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Suffer For Fashion

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That's One Way To Wrap Up

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Girl's Boyfriend Points out She's Dressed Like Pinhead Larry, and People Are Losing It

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Forget Colored Rubber Bracelets, This is the Crown

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She's Going to Sleep, Right Meow

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