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Neighborhood Comes Together to Throw a Block Party Wedding Outside Bride's Childhood Home

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One Bro is Left Lonely After He Tries to Invite Two Dates Over and Unknowing That They're Related

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Not My Ideal 3-Way

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A Warm Family Welcome

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If You're Single (or Just Not Up For Discussing Your Dating Life) You'll Want to Read Through These Hilarious Tactics to Deflect During Thanksgiving Dinner

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This Arson Victim Solves the Case on Live TV and Wait, What Did She Say the Reason Was?

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Man tells his sister that she should lower her dating standards as a single mom | AITA telling my single mom sister she should get more realistic comes her dating standards? Asshole context: My older sister 32(f) is single mother two (7m and 5f) because her marriage ended after 4 years. He is still around and pays child, but she's mostly raising kids on her own. She has been single quite some time and recently tried start dating again. My sister thinks herself as good catch college degree, well

Man Tells Sister She Should Lower Her Dating Standards

Not cool, my dude.
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Any Sign Will Do

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Shameless Social Media Drama is a Wild Ride

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The Struggle

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Lady Rents a Boyfriend to Shut Up Her Pressuring Parents and It Actually Worked

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Just Because It's True, Doesn't Mean You're Right

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Now That's Unity

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Just When You Thought Friend Zone Was The Worst It Got

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I've Got A "Theater" For You, Baby

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