Dating Fails

ex girlfriend

Which Will Win: Laziness, or the Desire to Get Laid Again?

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girlfriend goes crazy that her boyfriend is going away

Girl Goes Completely Bonkers After Boyfriend Asks Her for a Weekend Off

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Smoke Away the Memories

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What Your Ex Is Really Saying

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Frosty And Frigid, Just Like Her Affections!

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There's "Crazy," And Then There's CRAZY

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Memories Everywhere

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That Exact Expression

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No Ex Should Have All That Power

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And You Thought This Was Romance

your ex thinks it's going to get better
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Too Detailed? NOPE.

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Divine Wrath

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The Ex-Girlfriend Sale!

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Videos, screen grabs and twitter posts of a wedding in which an EX showed up and passed out photos of the bridge giving BJs and someone thought it was one of the groomsman and a fight broke out.

Guy Shows up at Ex-Girlfriend's Wedding, Puts Pictures of Her Giving BJs on Every Table, and Chaotic Brawl Ensues

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