Dating Fails

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Someone's Short on Tact Too.

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Man Uses Master Sword to Defend Himself From Girlfriend's Ex

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That Moment You Realize That Facebook Is Basically an Incessant Ex

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This Short Film About Casually Meeting Up With an Ex Will Hit Right in the Feels

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People Change

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Memories Everywhere

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Girl gets creepy texts from her ex-boyfriend who thinks he saw her current boyfriend out in public.

Girl Gets Creepy Texts From Thirsty Ex-Boyfriend and Instant Cringe Ensues

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I Recommend Mud Wrestling For Dominance

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What Your Ex Is Really Saying

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Girl Masterfully Edits Her Instagram Captions After Breaking Up With Terrible Boyfriends

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There's "Crazy," And Then There's CRAZY

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Apply Cold Water to That Burn

Text - 12 hours ago BRB need to go burn stuff my ex gave me- Like Comment and 37 others like this. You can't burn herpes. Silly about an hour ago Unlike 2

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