Dating Fails


At Least You Know They're Responsible

wtf drunk passed out online dating funny - 8167452160
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boner drunk sexy times funny whiskey - 69256705

To Drunk for Sexy Times

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But the Bar's the Place Where They're Drunkest

bars drunk - 5905172224
Created by MaddoxHQ

Liquid Courage Does the Job Right

sober flirting drunk - 6977520384

I Feel Like I've Known You My Whole Life

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Think You Wear the Pants, Just Because You Tell Me When to Walk?

arguing comic drunk rage comic spat We Are Dating - 5072925440
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PSA: Don't Drink And Matchmake

comic cupid dating fails drinking drunk Hall of Fame Valentines day - 5834338560
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Who Needs Flowers?

Thursday meme with pic of a bouquet of Jack Daniels bottle
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That Dog Must Be Wasted

dogs drunk sexy times funny - 8288898560
Via Joe Cooool418
hair drunk manscaping funny Video - 55165697

Drunk Women Give the Real Rap on Hair "Down There"

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The Best Way to Spend Your Wedding Night

drunk funny wtf wedding - 8361123072
Hot bartender has total freakout after drunk guy grabs her ass, and people react to it on Twitter.

Internet Goes Insane After Hot Bartender Posts About Drunk Idiot Grabbing Her Ass

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When You Got to Have it, You Got to Have It

man has sex with a post box
Via Dash89

Prepare Yourself for Valentine's Day

v is definitely for vodka
Via Pansy Cake Rebel

Alcohol Induced Crush?

alcohol drunk crush dating - 6932891648
Created by percussionista

Just Another Day with My Giraffe Sheep and I

drunk dating pun - 8765320192
Created by RobertHyatt ( Via Robert James Hyatt )
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