Dating Fails


The Best Way to Spend Your Wedding Night

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Maybe You Should Tell Him to Tell You to Tell Him to Drop It

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That Dog Must Be Wasted

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Works For Me

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One Out of Three Ain't Bad

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What a Sweet Heart

leave me alone, I love you
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Think You Wear the Pants, Just Because You Tell Me When to Walk?

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The Things We Do For Love...

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To Drunk for Sexy Times

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Drunk Women Give the Real Rap on Hair "Down There"

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When You Got to Have it, You Got to Have It

man has sex with a post box
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Who Needs Flowers?

Thursday meme with pic of a bouquet of Jack Daniels bottle
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Drunk People Give Advice on How To Last Longer In Bed

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Interestingly Enough She Didn't Find It As Funny as Drunk Me Did

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It's the Only Time She Thinks You're Cute

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You've Got to Be Tricky

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