Dating Fails

double entendre

You know, whenever I start feeling a bit blue, I start breathing again. Double Entendre at it's finest. 

Huffpo Thinks They're So Clever...

double entendre headline sexy times robots - 7975318784

Emily And Her Mom Need To Have A Talk

double entendre facebook in the butt mom status update - 5779429632

Thar She Blows

dogs double entendre innuendo whale - 5797860352

This is the Wrong Approach to Dating

puns double entendre business funny - 7460355840

Dating Dispatches: Harry Potter Likes 'Em With Some Hair Down There

dating dispatches double entendre Harry Potter puns sexy times - 5775057664
Via Us Magazine

Sure I'll Blow You... A Kiss

double entendre first date fisting get it - 5769476608

Baby, I'm Gonna Love You Like A Snowstorm

baby blizzard dating dirty talk double entendre puns We Are Dating weather - 5510263808

Dating Dispatches: Such Wasted Potential

dating dispatches double entendre pr0n vajayjay - 5719945216
Via Daily Mail

Florida, Where Men Know What to Give a Woman

billboard double entendre dude parts funny - 7892164352
Created by GrimeyD

I've Got A Treasure For You Right Here

dirty mind double entendre link video games zelda - 5622189824

You Could Have Made a Goldilocks Joke, But Noooo...

bear double entendre headline headlines meat news one liners puns We Are Dating - 5467548160

You Keep Using That Word...

30 rock comic double entendre fapping - 5855622656

The Most Popular Aisle At Home Depot

bondage double entendre innuendo lube - 5738384640

I Don't Think That Book Is About What You Think It's About

books double entendre kitty literature wait what - 5752609280

Proposition WIN

Ad billboard double entendre sign Valentines day - 5832553728
Created by bigmacsc99

Hope You Like Extra Sausage, Baby

double entendre Good Times metaphor pizza sexy times - 5738385664
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