Dating Fails


McDreamy is That You

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Cold Blooded

sexually active old man lies to doctor
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No Bad Blood Here. Nope. None.

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Oral Hygiene

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That'd Do It

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I Think You Need to See a Doctor

stomach head doctor in love - 7018089472
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patients' answers to sexual history questions

Nurses on Reddit Revealed Their Favorite Answers to the Famous "Sexual History" Question

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The Art of Flirting

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At Least We Didn't Role-Play as Dentists

comic doctor fat We Are Dating weight - 5157124352
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It's A Medical Miracle

butts dating doctor hospital rage comic - 5605940224
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Never Try and Impress Your Doctor

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Bend Over and Take It Like a Man

comic doctor rage comic We Are Dating - 5130645760

Yeah, About That

doctor breasts cyanide and happiness - 6699262720
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Past That There's Really No Hope For You

erection cyanide and happiness doctor comics - 7017232896
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We Get It, You Fap

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Someone Wants to Play Doctor...

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