Dating Fails


A Valentine's Menu Based on Beyonce

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By Unknown

She'll Probably Just Do It Even If You Say No

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And Some Whine to Wash It All Down

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Papa Murphy Would Also Be Okay

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A Girl's Gotta Eat

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All Guys Turn Into Chefs on Dates

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By Unknown

The Swedes Are Top Tier at Being Lonely

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The Alliance Comes First

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By Hewkil (Via Dueling Analogs)
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The Passive Aggressive Hunger Strike Struggle Is Too Real

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Microwave Dinners REALLY Want to Remind You of How Lonely You Are

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Dude, You Treated Your Date to Milk and Pizza? Fail.

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By Unknown

Hope You're Thirsty

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I Do. I Do Know What You Mean.

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By Unknown

Cost-Benefit Ratio

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By Unknown

Just Figure It Out!

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Poetry Expresses How You Really Feel

there should be more poems about vodka
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