Dating Fails


And Some Whine to Wash It All Down

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Microwave Dinners REALLY Want to Remind You of How Lonely You Are

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Papa Murphy Would Also Be Okay

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Hope You Remembered the Hot Sauce

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Is it Just Chocolate?

Sad dinner funny Valentines day g rated dating - 8042712576
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Hope You're Thirsty

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A Valentine's Menu Based on Beyonce

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Dude, You Treated Your Date to Milk and Pizza? Fail.

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Such Privilege.

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So How About That Second Date?

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Double Date

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Cost-Benefit Ratio

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I Do. I Do Know What You Mean.

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A Little Too Suggestive for a First Date

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For the Classiest Valentine's Dinner

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Siri Knows You're Just Kidding Yourself

dinner iphone siri Valentines day your mom - 5819438592
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