Dating Fails


Gift Ideas For The Forever Aloner In Your Life

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That's Kind of Sad

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Does Everyone Know That Line?

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How Can Any Lady Resist a Tribute Like This?

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It's a Strange Double Standard

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How Relationships Really End

it always ends in 2001 a space odyssey
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That's Less Than Zero

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You Don't Need 5 Wheels

forever alone depressing funny Party makeout dating g rated - 8329252352
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Me too, Jenny. Me too.

she's a cryer.
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That's A Terrible Breakup

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Alice Dreger Live Tweets a Sex Ed Class

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Dating Can Be Hard

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Thanks for Being Depressing, Sign

the calendar has a date every night
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It's Time to Play Online Dating Bingo!

I just filled in all the bingo boxes
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You Will Never Feel More Shame

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Wow...This Is Getting Super Depressing

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