Dating Fails


Dating is a tricky place. Whether it's online, blind, or a witty pick up line at the bar, the ways to start that dance are nearly endless. Unfortunately, some people still don't manage to navigate its nuances, and end up a lesson what not to do.

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This Fresh Piece of Meat Thinks You're All a Work of Art

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Ugh, You People With Your CONNECTIONS and Your FEELIGNS

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Don't Swipe Right, She's Underage

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Gets Them Every Time

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Girlfriend Fakes Having Sex in a Car for Prank, it Expectedly Spirals out of Control in Truly Chaotic Fashion

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How to Solve the Blanket Problem With Your Boyfriend

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I Do Not Think That Word Means What You Think It Means

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Guy makes a PowerPoint presentation for his Tinder match, and it goes well | live Chicago D: noooo0o don't read people's little profiles do Hey. do. just forgot lol look dumb now loi lol Haha sorry text messages

Guy Creates PowerPoint Presentation For Tinder Match

Guy's got next level Tinder game.
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Why Get a Cake When You Can Get a Cheeseburger Tower

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WHY Would You Use This as Your Main Pic?

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Watch Hell Break Loose When Experiment Goes Wrong and Guy Catches His Girlfriend Cheating On Him

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Are You Shorn?

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Don't Shout All at Once

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Nobody Should Have to Cook for One

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Super Smash Your Way Right Into My Pants

smash bros when you kiss me
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Just Be Cool

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