Girls Share The Things Guys Did to Screw Up Their Chances at a Second Date

What we have here is a guide book of dating pro tips, a sweet shot at second date redemption fellas. Dating is a tough and maddening business. There's no other way around it. Immense reserves of emotional energy go into mere 'drinks at happy hour' or 'coffees at that cute shop down the street', so much so that it's actually ridiculously daunting sometimes. While other times, the stars align, you pull the right 'moves', and miraculously f*ck up to such a minimal extent that you actually get invited back for a second show. The pro tips passed off in this discussion are reasonable enough, and massively helpful in the dating game, where so much of what's 'right' and wrong' for dating etiquette is entirely assumed, and never spoken. Finally, some checkpoints.

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