Dating Fails


Dad's Knows Best

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Taking Your Girl to the Winter Dance Can Be Dangerous

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tinder dating

Girl Goes on Tinder Announcing Her Dad Just Died, Proceeds to Match With Fleet of Douche Canoes

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Not the Answer Dad Wanted

coming out to dad occasionally awkward
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Sending A Message

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Parents Are Getting Really Protective

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Using Tinder to Get the Family Back Together

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You Won't Need Anything Else to Keep You Warm at Night

funny dad blanket You Won't Need Anything Else to Keep You Warm at Night
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I Find It Difficult to Avoid the Fact That My Ding-Dong Has Invaded Your Daughter's Hoo-Ha on Multiple Occasions

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This Guy Isn't Super Stoked to Hear His Wife's Pregnant

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Going to Be a Hell of a First Date

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Rule Number 2: I Load Quickly

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Meeting The New Boyfriend

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The Dad's Rules for Daughter Dating

If he sticks to rule number 10, he's going to be kissing you a lot.
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Georgia Dad Destroys Daughter's Car After Catching Her Joyriding With a Boy

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Parenting of the Future

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