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Cute is a subjective word used for describing small, pleasing and non-threatening features, typically found on people, animals, objects and even ideas.

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Sugary-Sweet Relationship Memes For The Couples (15 Memes)

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That Ink Will Last Longer Than Carbonite

marriage star wars cute nerdgasm tattoos couples funny - 7753969408
Via Neatorama

A True Romantic

marriage gross cute funny - 7270466304
Created by Nirah-sama
couple tattoos

Incredibly Awesome Couple's Tattoos

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cute love funny Valentines day - 59528193

Some Adorable Snippets of Love

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Magicians Get All the Ladies

cute Cats - 8374823936
Via Love the Heat
dogs cute proposal wedding funny - 52790017

Spud the Dog Helps in a Wedding Proposal

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Please, Think of the Little Bunnies

every time you say no to sex a bunny cries
Via Junebug172

Pulling at the Ol' Butt Strings

wtf cute booty sexy times funny - 8208886016
Via Lumina Omnia

Dating Used to be Much Simpler

school young love note cute funny - 7440108544
Via Reddit

The Cutest Couple Ever Does Their "Up" Cosplay at Disneyland

cosplay cute pixar disneyland - 7736657920
Via Silly Beauty

Never Trust a Stingray to Help You Propose

funny dating image stingray photobombs engagement proposal at aquarium
Via McYay

It's the Only Time She Thinks You're Cute

cute drunk funny dating - 8229265664
Via Mandal0re

It Was a Sweet Gesture

candy cute funny - 7592409088
Created by Snazzlefrat

This is a TEA-lightful Gift for That Special Someone

puns cute funny g rated dating - 7673182464
Via Reddit
wife cute funny Video surgery dating - 54612737

After Waking Up From Surgery, This Guy Sees His Wife as if for the First Time. His Reaction is Priceless.

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