Dating Fails


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Happy Tears Are Pouring Out This Groom's Face as His Bride Walks Down the Aisle

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I Don't Think That's an Option on Facebook

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But Onions Are So Deep and Layered...

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I Resolve to Be Less Pathetic!

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No Sweetheart So Far? Just Go To The Bar!

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You Don't Want to Make a Rabbit Cry Do You?

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Letterman and Selena Gomez Have Something in Common

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This Girl Sobbing During a Break Up Call Sounds Like the Saddest Drag Race

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Damn Will, You Cold...

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This Groom Has an Emotional Reaction To Seeing His Bride

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Me too, Jenny. Me too.

she's a cryer.
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I'm Leaving You To Spend More Time With My Snacks

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D'awwwww Ryan Gosling D'awwwwwww

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These Tears Are Not Nearly as Joyous as I Imagined

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Why Did You Do That to the Crew of Serenity? WHY

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