Dating Fails


The Elusive Creeper Makes His Appearance!

photobomb creeper funny - 7788452096
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Woman Fakes Death to Get Away From a Creeper She Met Online

woman pretends to be dead to get away from a stalker she met online
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How About... No?

creeper creepy funny dating - 7926163968
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Just Take the Darn Picture!

pics creeper text funny - 8134104576
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The Stalker-Unsuspecting Victim Relationship Is Going Very Well So Far

creeper ecard Hall of Fame relationship stalker - 5335843328

You Don't Want to Get the Hose Again

boys keep you from walking away
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Soon My Constant Proximity Will Make You Fall for Me

creeper ecard love stalking We Are Dating - 5324247808
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Creepers Are Getting Sneaky

creeper sexy pics bewbs funny - 8213501184
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I Was Hunting for a Different Pussy

cat creeper Hall of Fame peeping tom sign stalker - 5134318336
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Girl Wat R U Doin?

stalker oag creeper stahp overly attached girlfriend dating - 6813109760
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Language of Love

stalker creeper dating - 7074891520
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You Always Knew Sting Was a Creeper

creeper sign stalking We Are Dating - 5145015552
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Overly Affectionate Cat Comes on a Little Too Strong

gif overly affectionate cat comes on too strong
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He's Not Alone, Just Waiting On You...

creeper waiting - 5614346496
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Valentines From The Guy Who Watches You Sleep

creeper dating fails stalker Valentines day - 5808137728
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The Agony of Public Transit

creeper comic funny bus - 7483817216
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