Dating Fails


Marriage Can Make You Do Crazy Things

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That Awkward Moment Your Group Text About the Crazy Chick Gets Sent to the Crazy Chick

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How You Know He's Not Cutting It

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This Crazy Argument Might Make You Want to Stay Single Forever

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girlfriend goes crazy that her boyfriend is going away

Girl Goes Completely Bonkers After Boyfriend Asks Her for a Weekend Off

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Tinder Hookup

An Innocent Tinder Hookup Takes One Heck of a Turn

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I Don't Caress Crazy People's Pigeons

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reasons couples divorce

20 Divorce Lawyers Share Craziest Reasons Their Clients Filed For Divorce

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I Don't Think She Applies...

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woman sends cringe texts after getting rejected

Woman Unleashes Fiery Texting Rant On Guy After Getting Rejected

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People share crazy stories of the most not safe for work things they've seen at office parties.

39 of the Most NSFW Things People Have Witnessed At Office Parties

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Because They Can Get Away With It

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What the Hell Did I Just See

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How Did I Not See the Signs?!

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Doesn't She Know that Air Conditioners Are the Leading Cause of Impotence?

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Start Running

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