Dating Fails


Well This is Awkward

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The History of Contraceptives

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So. Big Night Planned?

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Santorum Supporter Says Women Should Quit Whining And Use Aspirin As Contraception

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This is Bad...

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By teekay75

"Need" Is Such a Strong Word

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The Very Best Way to Put on a Condom

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The Best Contraception

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I'll Take All the Contraceptives You Have Please.

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All Of My Money, Take It!

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Your Contraception Will Send Things in the Right Direction

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By rbk4life

Brian, You're Getting a New Brother!

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Wise Words From Mr. Condom

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Everybody Wins!

condoms contraception everybody wins - 6576203264
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Dating Dispatches: Wait, Why is There a Blue Dot in My House...

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Problem Solved.

birth control condoms contraception pregnancy problem solved - 6035842560
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