Dating Fails


The Online Dating Service We Need

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Ninja Just Wants to Be Noticed

ninja comics eat more bikes - 7039119104
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I'll Ask Her Our Someday Maybe Probably Not Nevermind

comics wooing women - 7245158912
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Bitter Much, Comic Writer?

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I Am Disappoint

disappointed comics bewbs - 7119471872
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Yeah Don't Sweat It I Actually Enjoy This

channelATE comics - 6423390208
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Don't Make This Harder Than It Needs to Be

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal comics robots breaking up - 7265361920
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Come Back to My Sex Basement!

comics hey baby xkcd - 6549538816

For That Special Someone

comics cards - 7132764672
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Not The Same Thing

batman body image comics gender issues Hall of Fame stereotypes superheroes - 5646922752
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Just Like in the Movies, Sort Of...

drugs comics - 7066769408
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You Know How Much I Like a Compelling Protagonist

comics books pr0n - 7165301760
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I've Just Sort of Learned to Live With It

satan comics - 6997467904
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Too Mean?

asking her out comics batman - 7111488256
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Done and Done

comics every day blues - 6819313408
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I'll Just Sit Down

obama comics questions - 7354830336
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