Dating Fails


Well That's Oddly Specific

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By savannamia

How Do You Love?

sappy comics hearts - 7077556736
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You Eventually Lose All Standards

comics standards online dating funny - 8285940480
Via Tabber87

I Hope You Weren't Watching Die Hard

comics movies girlfriend funny g rated dating - 8213452288
Via Skullface1

Listen, a Girl Has Her Limits

breaking up comics dating fails demons fedora Hall of Fame - 6324050688
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Looks Like Fun!

pregnancy comics - 7165549568
Via Sarah Lazarovic

The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

bowling comics - 6180313856
Via Invisible Bread

Wrong Turn at Albuquerque

pregnancy comics lgbtq dating fails g rated - 7116354816
By Unknown


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So That's How It Happened

god comics love soulmates - 7080447232
By Unknown

How Did You Know?

comics the future - 7254712064
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I Miss That SO Much

comics relationships every day blues - 6981153280
Via Every Day Blues

The Best Way to Avoid Impromptu Make Outs

gas comics cars funny vintage - 8070608640
By Unknown

I've Just Sort of Learned to Live With It

satan comics - 6997467904
Via Thoughtshake Comics

Time to Get Tested

comics STD sexy times funny - 8200626432

Dan the Downer is Never Satisfied

cyanide and happiness comics - 7294284288
Via Cyanide and Happiness
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