Dating Fails


Some Guys Can't Take The Hint

comic cute dating g rated guys hands hint - 5685117952
By Unknown

Never Been Kissed? Never Again!

comic forever alone KISS kissing We Are Dating - 5222854144

Alcohol is the Cure For All Forms of Loneliness

alcohol cheap comic dating fails drinking whiskey - 6127281152
By joe2020 (Via Every Day Blues)

Lay Those Differentials Down by the Fire

comic nerds flirting seduction math - 8007949312
By Unknown

In Which Robert Neville Meets a Zombie

bar comic rage comic We Are Dating - 5102898432

Freak on the Dance Floor AND in the Bedroom

dancing gif comic - 7950747648
Via Death Bulge

Dad Always Had a Way With Words

twitter puns comic funny - 7910013440
Via Twitter the Comic

The Main Difference

comic difference horny p33n rage comic sexuality We Are Dating - 5425519872
By Eileen

You Betrayed Me

comic first time pr0n sexy times - 5681194752
By Unknown

Humans as Magnets

comic men and women rage comic We Are Dating women and men - 5331514880
By Unknown

More Harm Than Good

comic heart hospital katy perry - 5622139392
Via Cool As Arson

These Creatures Are Told in Legend

forever alone cartoons comic funny - 7604766464
By Unknown

The Sea and I Had Some Good Times Together

pirates comic funny - 7795957760
Via Extra Fabulous Comics

I Guess a Brofist Is Technically Inappropriate

breast breasts comic lesbian lesbians rage comic We Are Dating - 5355513856


bondage comic Fetish We Are Dating wonder woman - 5370844672
By xyzpdq1


bag comic condoms Hall of Fame joke one liner rage comic ugly - 5098619904
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