Dating Fails


The Best Things in Life Come in Small Packages

birth control comic condom premature ejaculation rage comic We Are Dating - 5285415936

Please, Don't Cloudkill This Thing We Have

puns comic breakup - 7966012416
Via Mister Hayden

Cats Get All the Love

comic Cats funny - 7764732928
By Unknown

Had a Really Sh*tty Night

comic one night stand poop We Are Dating - 5182119424
By Unknown

What Is Offered Cannot Be Taken Back

comic Hall of Fame rage comic - 5202409984
By Unknown

I Think He's on a Magic Carpet in the Corner Over There

wheres waldo cheating cartoons comic funny - 7626208000
By Unknown

Suzy's a Real Heartbreaker

pedo comic cyanide & happiness - 6943207424
Via Cyanide & Happiness

Captain Kirk Really Needs to Wrap it Up

nerdgasm comic Star Trek funny - 7733288960
By Unknown

My Love Is a Brick Wall

car accident cartoons comic We Are Dating - 5073789696
By Krazzul

I Know My Calculus

comic math rage comic We Are Dating - 5351451904

Where in the World is That Baby?

comic - 6674654208
By Unknown

It's All in the Mouth

bro comic douche rage comic stranger Subway We Are Dating - 5343185408
By RedHawk247

The McRib Made Me Boneless

Ad comic commercial rage comic We Are Dating - 5436540672

Is that Supposed to be a Box or Something?

dude parts comic funny - 7548572160
Via Three Word Phrase

Science Produces Better Bedroom Results

spicy comic science sexy times funny - 7726724608
Via For Lack of a Better Comic

Now That You Mention it, the Resemblance is Uncanny...

dude parts comic funny - 7534977536
Via Voyage Hour
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