Dating Fails


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It's Ok to Compliment a Nice Rack

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A Little Home-Made Fun for Him This Season

Knitta Please chicken dude parts puns get it - 7946588160
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texts between guy and girl where the guy asks to see pic of the girl'a body

Guy Relentlessly Asks Girl For Nudes But She Gets Him With Saucy Onslaught of Chicken Puns

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This Is What a Girl Really Wants

dating funny flowers This Is What a Girl Really Wants
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Looks Like True Love to Me

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Chicken is Bigger Than All Of Us

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Unrequited Love

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No Love Truer Than Chicken

image signs dating No Love Truer Than Chicken
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Well That's a Load Off of My Mind

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That's so Sweet! Now, How do I File a Restraining Order?

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So That's What That Shirt Means

wtf chicken t shirts funny dating - 8414649088
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Cooking for Lovers

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